A view from the stands

A view from the stands

Thursday, October 30, 2014

College Football Previewing Week #10

This week there may not be a "whole lot" of big time games, but there are a few games you should keep your eye on. So let's get to it!


#2 Florida State @ #25 Louisville (Line: Louisville +3.5)


1. It's a Thursday night game!
2. We all know about Florida State, but Louisville has a very serious D!  Least amount of yards given up in the country, and 4th in points allowed at less than 15 per game... Oh, and FYI they take the ball away too, 15 INT's on the year second only to the "Land Sharks" of Ole Miss and some forced fumbles... Top that off with their 29 sacks on the season and we're looking at some guys that are going to get after Mr. Famous Jameis.

Wow, why haven't we talked about them before, and aren't they favored tonight?

Well when you can't pass the ball and you're even worse at running the thing, it's hard to score points. And when your QB is constantly getting sacked and your running backs/receivers are coughing the ball up, you're not going to get too much press.

- The Lousiville QB's have been sacked 27 times this season, that's 7th WORST.
- The Cardinals have 12 fumbles... 12! on the season. Protect the Pill Son!

That said, If the Cardinal D can find a way to create those turnovers they've been doing this season, and give their offense the short field to work with... And, if the Louisville line can maybe block a guy or 2 and the the boys can hang on to the ball... We've got a game on our hands.

and once again... It's a Thursday night game... And The fans will be ready for Halloween.

I'm rooting for the Cards to pull the upset... and these Thursday night games have a history of causing chaos...


2:30 p.m.

Florida Vs. #11 Georgia (Line: Florida +12.5)


1. It's the "Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party"
2. If Florida doesn't get the W, Will Muschamp can just head back and start cleaning out his office.
3. Nothing screams college football more than this... Watch the video from the Florida/Georgia game back in 2007  below (and look at the confusion on Tebow's face...) That's how the tone for the afternoon is set!

#7 TCU @ #20 West Virginia (Line: WVU +5.5)


Playoff implications are on the line for TCU, and they are looking better and better each week. At the same time, West Virginia can still win the Big 12.

I'll gladly give up the 5.5 points and take TCU in this one. Since that letdown against Baylor where they gave up 24 points in the final 11:30. They have just been ruthless... Just STOMPING guys. These are angry people, just give them what they want and get out of the way.

6:00 p.m.

#3 Auburn @ #4 Ole Miss (Line: Ole Miss +2)


You already know why you need to be watching this one. 2 damn good teams going to go at it. It's time for the wild SEC West to start devouring itself. Winner get's to stay in the playoff picture, loser get's to play the role of spoiler for the next guy on the list.

Let's make it clear, the playoffs may " Officially Start" on January 1. But, they're already well on their way. And this appears to be an elimination round for these two.

6:30 p.m.

Stanford @ #5 Oregon (Line: Stanford +7.5)


While Stanford has been very mortal with 3 losses thus far this season, they seem to be kryptonite the Ducks. Granted, Stanford has only allowed 12.5 points per game this season, but considering they can't score any points themselves, this SHOULD be Oregon's game to win... They just need to keep Mariota upright and off his back. 

Later Games.

#12 Arizona @ #22 UCLA (Line: Arizona +6.5)
I'm not sure how UCLA can be favored in this game....

#17 Utah @ #14 Arizona State (Line: Utah +6)
It would really be nice to know what team I should get excited about out west. In the mean time, we'll just keep them "all" on the radar.

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